College Prep Sailing Intraterm at RYC

Last week 12 students and 2 teachers from College Prep High School participated in a special sailing clinic with Coach Dan Brandt and Jack Barton.

Every year the students from College Prep get to choose from a wide variety of week long programs to take part in.  For the past 3 years, the Sailing Clinic has been one of the courses offered with RYC’s Erica Q. as the student sponsor and RYC’s Dan Brandt as the instructor.

The students and teachers have a blast learning how to sail and enjoying our beautiful Richmond Riviera.  They spend most most of the day on the water and each person learns how to both drive and crew.

A great week was had by all!  Well done Dan, Jack, Erica and all of the College Prep participants!  You were awesome!

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RYC 29er Teams at the CISA Racing Clinic – Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Here are photos from CISA racing clinic in Long Beach at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club April 4-8th.
Three 29er teams invited from RYC — Neil & Robbie, Haydon & Mike, & Harry & Casper.  Photos of Neil & Robbie, Harry and Casper, and Haydon and Mike. Photos taken by Jeff Thayer from Howie Hamlin’s helicopter. A great week of racing and learning new 29er techniques.

10174841_714726885232565_8833683763718685216_n boats on beach Boats on the beach Downwind helicopter shot sdfa Upwind fleet Upwind Helicopter shot Weather Mark

RYC 29er’s at the Midwinters West Regatta at Coronado Yacht Club

The RYC 29er teams participated in the Midwinters West regatta at Coronado Yacht Club this past weekend.  It was another fantastic weekend for our sailors. The weather couldn’t be more perfect.  27 boats sailed. Four races were completed on Friday in about 8 to 12 knots of breeze.  Saturday was another perfect sailing day with 5 races completed.  Our teams continued to do very well.  Casper and Harry got rear-ended on the starting line after the first race and the damage was more than we could see on the water. Their boat took on a substantial amount of water. Fortunately they were awarded redress.  On Sunday we had 3 more races – making for 12 total – were sailed today in more breeze.  It was a very tight battle for the RYC 29er perpetual trophy between Neil/Robbie and Haydon/Mike.  In the end Neil and Robbie came out the highest RYC team.  Congratulations to all of our teams!!  RYC is proud of you!


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

RYC Hosts Little Daddy High School Regatta

Little Daddy, NorCal #7 Hosted by RYC

Jan 11th Richmond Yacht Club hosted the Little Daddy. 63 boats were in attendance. 31 boats in Gold and 32 boats in Silver. It was an overcast day but there was steady wind this time around. Last year we barely got in 2 races for each fleet. Thanks to the long standing tradition of the Club we had numerous volunteers on land and helping out on the water. The Drake HS parents did an amazing job setting up Breakfast and snacks for on the water and after sailing. Our lunch was supplied by Taco’s Camacho again and was a big hit. Nothing like all you can eat Taco’s for lunch instead of the regular soggy sandwiches!!

The RC’s and volunteers out on the water did a great job to get 6 races off for Gold fleet and Silver fleet. We also did something this time around that hasn’t been done in the NorCal HS sailing scene. We had 2 separate courses. Which allowed Gold and Silver fleet to race without obstruction from each other. I think we will see more of that at the other venues that have the room. All in all a great day of racing and a BIG Thank You to all the volunteers that made it all possible!!

RYC’s 29er’s Finish Strong in Miami Florida!

Mike and Haydon overcame a rough first day and moved up 8 positions!
Finished 12th.
Best finish a 4th on first race on Friday the 3rd.

Congratulations to both RYC Teams!!!

Mike & HaydonMike & Haydon 2 Mike & Haydon and Peter 3

RYC High School Teams Compete at the Rose Bowl!

Rosebowl, Jan 4/5 – 2014

While the rest of the US is in the negative numbers for temperature our High School sailors got to enjoy 70 degrees in Long Beach this past weekend. Unfortunately that also meant waiting for the wind for several hours. Saturday the first start was intended for 11 but waiting on the water and on land until a very little bit of breeze came up at 2 pm for the first start was very trying for the sailors. The RC managed to get 2 Silver races off and 1 Gold race off. Sunday looked better but still the racing was postponed until 12:30. The wind came up to a nice 5-8 knots and our teams showed that a little bit of breeze suits them much better than drifters. Overall the weekend showed why practice is so important. You never know if you are going to get a lot of races off or barely enough to make a regatta.

Last 2 photos are of Saturday. The first 3 are of Sunday and the 3rd photo shows Grace and Santiago rounding the leeward mark in 1st on Sunday!!
Link to Gold and Silver Scores: 1 (6)photo 2 (5)photo 3 (4)photo 4 (3)photo 5 (2)

RYC Juniors in Florida at the Orange Bowl!

We had a handful of RYC juniors in Miami, Florida at the Orange Bowl Regatta these last few days representing our club very well. For most of them this was a new venue to sail which makes it very hard to get in a groove. I haven’t heard an update on what the conditions were but I know by looking at the competition it was tough racing regardless of what the conditions were. We had juniors racing in the 29ers( 23 boats), International 420 (20 boats), Club 420 (102 boats)and the Radial (127 boats). It was great to have our juniors racing the Orange Bowl regatta this year and hope to send more next year.

13th Michael Pacholski/Haydon Stapleton RYC / SCYC
11 12 10 9 9 [22/DNS] 13 6 14 14

15th Lucy Wilmot San Francisco Yacht Club / Richmond Yacht Club
10 11 [19] 11 15 10 19 9 15

11th VandenBerg, Elena, Hardy, Amelia 5 1 6 [23] 8 13 16 17 6 5 6
124th Sutton IV, William(Berky) San Francisco & Richmond Yacht Club 120 116 119 104 109 115 101 [128/DNS] (4) 114 94 124

Link to full Results:



Next up for our 29er teams Mike Pacholski/Haydon Stapleton and Casper Ladefoged/Harry Schmidt are the 29er US Nationals also in Miami starting Jan. 1st. Wish them luck!!!


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